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Athletic Trainer

Ms. Tribley is the Barnegat High School athletic trainer. She has been the athletic trainer here at Barnegat since November 2014. She holds a BS in athletic training from William Paterson University since 2013 and is a BOC certified and New Jersey licensed athletic trainer. As an athletic trainer she strives to provide the best possible care to all athletes, as she is their first line of defense. She encourages all athletes to seek out her help when needed. As a former athlete, Ms. Tribley understands the struggles that athletes go through and empathizes with them. Aside from high school athletes, she has also provided care to middle school athletes, the marching band, and coaches. Ms. Tribley is a person who loves what she does, and strives to provide the best care possible. She is currently taking online classes to obtain a master's degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University. 

 For future information you can follow me on twitter @LTBHSAT

Attention incoming freshmen, Juniors, and Transfers

 Any incoming freshmen, Juniors or Transfers planing to try out for a fall, winter or spring sport must take the Baseline Impact Test. The Baseline Impact Test is valid for 2 years. Below is a link to directions on how to take the Baseline Impact Test at home.

 Directions for Baseline Impact Test:

 Baseline Impact Testing Directions 

Please email me at once you have completed the Baseline Impact Test. In that email include your Full Name, Grade, and Sport you took the test for. 

The Baseline Impact Test is required for all Barnegat High School sports except: Golf, Bowling, Dance, Marching Band, ColorGuard

The Baseline Impact Test is also required for the following Brackman Middle School sports: Football and Wrestling



ATGenius is an online injury tracking system used by the athletic trainer to document the injuries of student athletes. ATGenius provides parents/guardians with an easy, user-friendly way to keep up with their child's athletic injuries. ATGenius is HIPAA Compliant, which means all personal health information (PHI) is stored securely. It is mandatory that an account be made for all Barnegat High School student athletes. The ATGenus website can be found at

All Barnegat High School students have been imported into the program. However, in order for them to access their account, they must create an email and password to access their account. Below are instructions on how to do so. Please access your account using your school email. The school code is Barnegat

Instructions for setting up an account for athletes that have been imported:


What is ATGenius? - Healthy Roster is an app used by Certified Athletic Trainers to log, track, and communicate athlete injuries.

ATGenius is HIPPA Compliant. - This means ALL Personal Health Information (PHI) is stored securely.

Who has access to my child's profile? - Until the athlete creates an account, only the Certified Athletic Trainer has access to the athlete's profile. Parents may gain access by signing in via the student's school email and the password that they created to access their account.

What happens to my child's information when they graduate or no longer play sports? - The athlete's information is archived and the medical record is kept on a secure server.