Alexandria is the new library software that we will be using to utilize the resources here in the Media Center. This database will now give you the ability to both see everything available to you in the library, and tools to narrow down your search for what you need.

Once you click on the link at the bottom of this e-mail, it will bring you to our Barnegat Library Homepage (Picture Below). By Clicking the "Search" button, it will bring you to a standard search bar where you can type in anything from Authors, Titles, or topics found in anything we have here.
By clicking the "Explore" button, you will be brought to a more narrowed down search, broken down by topics and categories (Picture Below). Once you click one of these categories, it will break it down even further, and bring you to one more page.

Lastly, you will be brought to a final page that list the results of what is available to you. The list will contain everything that contains that topic in the library, the availability of that item, and where you may find it here (Picture Below).