Intro to Theatre
 Introduction to Theatre- Course Overview
Ms. Bollenbach

Drama Room E-105

This Semester we will cover:
Theatre History
You will learn the roots of the theatre, and trace how theatre has developed throughout history. We will discuss modern evolutions of the content, structure, and technology of theatre. We will cover Greek & Roman Theatre, Shakespeare, and modern playwrights.
Vocal & Physical Acting Techniques
You will learn how to develop your “instrument” so that you can be heard clearly. You will learn proper posture and movement techniques to develop stage presence.
Character Development
You will develop different types of characters, and learn how to portray them believably to an audience. You will develop the skills needed to convince an audience of character’s emotions and motivations.                
You will develop the confidence, teamwork, self- expression and creativity needed to perform with and in front of others. We will focus on the rehearsal and performance of:
Theatre Critique
Introduction to Theatre is a collaborative class where we learn from one another. You will be asked to guide your classmates through constructive criticisms and helpful feedback. You will respond to the theatre you see in class aloud, and in written assignments. You will also be responsible for writing a critique of a live theatre performance.  
Technical Theatre
We will cover the basic technical components inherent in backstage work. These include set design and construction, lighting, sound, stage management, props, costume, special effects, and makeup.
Theatre Terminology
You will develop a working vocabulary of theatre terms, and become familiar with the parts of the theater, stage directions, and overall structure of drama.         


After School Extra Help hours by appointment
Pre-Requisites: None Grades: 9-12

Credits: 2.5 Semester

This introductory course is considered the first step on the road to the development of effective performance, public speaking, and theatre appreciation. Intro to theatre will cover theatre history from it's origins to the study of contemporary scenes. Students will learn how to use their bodies and voices, and develop a working knowledge of improvisation, character development, production and critique. An overview will be given of skills in the technical theatre arena, including building, painting, costuming, makeup design, and lighting.