Stagecraft & Theatrics I & II
Stagecraft  &  Theatrics

Ms. Bollenbach

Drama Room E-105

We will study the following aspects of Theatre this year:
Set Design & Construction
You will be responsible for the safe building and design of the sets used in the Bengal Theatre Company’s productions this year. You will be able to demonstrate full competence and confidence using a variety of hand  tools, power tools, and technical techniques. 
Light and Sound Design
Throughout this year you should develop an understanding and a competency in technical theatre. You will learn the safe use of the various instruments, lamps, and sound equipment found in the theatre. You will demonstrate how to creatively use light and sound to create aesthetic value in theatre.
Theatre Production
You will cover all of the facets involved in creating live theatre. You will become thoroughly familiar with the roles and responsibilities of such positions as the stage manager, house manager, prop master, costumer, director and actor. We will create a production portfolio with samples of work in each area, and explore careers in related fields.
Theatre Critique
All students are required to see and write a critique of a live theatre performance at BHS for each of three marking periods. Extra credit will be given for additional critiques of outside live theatre performances.
Script Analysis
A play analysis report is due each marking period. You will select a play to read on your own and evaluate it for production, aesthetic, and artistic value according to the form you will be given. We will also study several plays and excerpts from varied cultures and genres as a class and evaluate their merit and value.
Theatre History
Students will be able to parallel historical events with the types of theatre and theatrical movements to come from these events. You will also develop a full knowledge of the roots and notable developments of theatre.
Vocabulary, Etiquette, & Theatre Appreciation
Upon completion of this course, students should have a wide base of knowledge needed to be a thoughtful consumer of live theatre, as well as the fundamentals to conduct themselves as part of a technical or performance team in a theatre company. Students will develop a full understanding of theatrical practices, parts of the physical theatre, vocabulary and policies governing the art of drama.

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Course Descriptions:
STAGECRAFT AND THEATRICS__________________________________________

Pre-Requisite: Drama course Grades: 11–12

Credits: 5 Full Year

Stagecraft and Theatrics is a hands on class concentrated in set design and construction. Students will build sets for all plays produced at BHS and Bengal Theatre outreach programs. Skills developed in this course include construction safety, building, painting, lighting, costuming, and makeup designing. This course will also cover historical and cultural advances in scenic theatre, and contributions of notable actors, artists, technicians, and designers. Students will learn about career fields in technical theatre and performance. Students will also cover acting and improvisation techniques in the study of notable plays.

STAGECRAFT AND THEATRICS_II_______________________________________

Pre-Requisite: Stagecraft & Theatrics I Grades: 12

Credits: 5 Full Year

A continuation of the skills addressed in Stagecraft and Theatrics I, this course will focus on historical and cultural advances in the theatre. Students will investigate career fields in technical theatre and performance.