I graduated Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Secondary Education with a minor in Archaeology. This degree was achieved with a graduating GPA of 3.93. With this in mind, it is my fondest desire to enhance the education of my future students by imparting detailed analysis of both primary and secondary sources, which I myself pursued while at Monmouth. 
During the course of the past four years, I completed my student teaching experience at Barnegat High School. While at Barnegat, I assumed the full responsibilities of a history teacher. These responsibilities included daily lesson planning, classroom management, classroom logistics, assessment, differentiated instruction, and coordinating in-class activities designed to promote critical thinking skills. These responsibilities were executed across five different classes, four being sophomore U.S History and one being senior New Jersey History. After completing my student teaching, I assumed the role of a Social Studies teacher at St. Rose High School in Belmar NJ. Once there, I taught Economics, Sociology, US I, US I Honors, US II, Current Issues, and World History. 
Throughout the course of my student teaching and instruction activities at St. Rose, I was able to bring my real life experiences into the classroom to create a more lasting impression on my students. I served for six years in the United States Air Force. As a result, I was able to bring real world military experiences into the classroom so that my pupils could better understand foreign politics. In addition, I have been a Civil War reenactor for many years. This allowed me to bring in period artifacts for the students to explore and to construct their own understanding of one of the most tragic periods in American History. 
In addition to my teaching experiences at Barnegat High School, I also served as an instructor in the US Air Force. I was picked by my commander to educate my fellow service members on correct maintenance procedures on a 45 million dollar F-15 C/D. These duties required an intense amount of time management skills as the lessons were conducted during the post September 11, 2001 environment. The military at that time was on high alert and time constraints were always an issue. Despite this, I was able to still manage to teach my fellow service members how to correctly perform such complicated tasks as engine removal, engine installation, engine ground run procedures, servicing, and aircraft record keeping. In reality, this period helped me to develop a sound time management style and ability to effectively multi task.