CP Chemistry

Mr. Taylor                                                                      College Prep Chemistry

Mr. Duralek                  



1)    Starting Class (Participation Grade)

  • Place all of your personal belongings under the desk - except class materials.
  • Sit in assigned seat and begin Do-Now activity
  • Have homework on desk to be checked.
  • Bring Notebook and pen/pencil to every class. 


2)      During Class (Participation Grade)

  • Be attentive and participate in classroom activities.
  • Be respectful of others (Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated)
  • Practice correct safety procedures when doing labs.
  • We will take a 5-minute break in the middle of our 85-min block.  At this time, no one will be allowed to leave the classroom.
  • If you have a question or want to comment on the class discussion, you must raise your hand and wait to be called on. 
  • You may not leave to go to the bathroom during the 1st five minutes of class or last five minutes of class.
  • When the bell rings - remain seated until I dismiss you.


3)     Bathroom, Water, Locker - (Privileges - You do not want to abuse it)

  • You may leave to go to the bathroom, drink, locker - at anytime during class (except the first/last 5-minutes or the 5-min break).  Leave the class quietly, fill out sign-in/sign-out book, and take lanyard hall pass.  You must bring pass back when your finished. 
  • You are not permitted to visit the cafeteria or other class during your this time.
  • If I feel that you (my discretion) are abusing this procedure/privilege) - then it will be taken away from you. 


4)     Food, Drink, Cell Phones, IPODs, ETC

  • Sorry, but none of these are permitted in class.
  • Water bottles filled will water will be permitted in class.


5)      Grading Policy (District standards)

Tests / Projects


Quizzes / Labs




Class work / Participation




6)     Attendance (Participation grade)

  •    You are required to be in class everyday - on-time. 
  •     Attendance will be part of your participation grade.


7)     Homework Policy

  • Homework turned in on-time and completed will receive full credit.
  • Homework that is late will receive half credit .

               **“Late” constitutes anytime after we have checked everyone.**

  • If you forget your homework - you must turn-it in by our next block period - otherwise you have just earned a zero (0).
  • Individual special circumstances may occur - which will be at our discretion.


8)     Make-ups


  • Homework –   Discussed in section 7


  • Tests / Quizzes –   If a test or quiz is missed, you will make up the test/quiz during the next class period regardless of situation.  You will be required to get any information covered in class from your lab partner.


9)     Tests / Quizzes

  • You can plan on having approximately 2-3 tests per marking period.  Quizzes will vary per marking period (generally 1 per every 1-2 weeks).


10)  Attendance / Behavior / Participation

  • Classroom Behavior will be an integral part of your participation grade.
  • You are required to be in class on-time and to bring all of the necessary materials to class everyday (book, notebook, pencil/pen)


11)   After-school Help

  • After-school hours are available to students upon request.  We can stay after from 2-3pm.  Students are responsible for letting the teacher know if help is needed.