Name: Mrs. Elko (formerly Miss Hults! :)
Classes: English II/Modern Shakespeare/Books to Film
Email Address: eelko@barnegatschools.com
Phone: (609) 660-7510

Dear Students (My "Cubs"!),
      Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to be teaching you this year.  If you have any questions or concerns that I can help you with, please ask.  I absolutely love teaching and working with you--you all make my job so worthwhile!  (You’re the reason I come to work every day!).  Please know I’m here for you; my hope, as your teacher, is to provide you with a year that is full of learning, laughter, and fun.  (This could potentially be your BEST year in high school!  Let’s work together to make this happen!).  Best of luck to all of you this year and always.  I know we will make lots of memories together! 
Mrs. Elko :-)

Please note: assignments will always be thoroughly discussed and disseminated in class; if you are absent, please be proactive and advocate for yourself.  (This might include asking a trusted classmate who was in class that day, checking the absent bin in our classroom, viewing parent portal to see any missing assignments, and coming to me for help as soon as you are back in school!). Remember, also, that you can contact me through e-mail at any time (my e-mail address is eelko@barnegatschools.com and it is checked regularly during school hours). I'm always willing to help you succeed in whatever way you may need!! Best wishes for a terrific school year together!  :)