Astronomy HW


Wednesday, September 6th (B)

  1. Read Course Outline Handout.

  2. Review Safety Rules and return signed Safety Sheet (homework).

  3. Study for Safety Quiz next class (Review video).

  4. Get a Notebook for class (3-ring binder recommended).

 Friday, September 8th (B)

  1. Finish the Star Finder lab questions due Tuesday, September 12th (B) (homework)

Tuesday, September 12th (B)

  1. Complete Lecture tutorial worksheet "Position"

Thursday, September 14th (B)

  1. None

Monday, September 18th (B)
  1. Online homework: 1.1 Celestial Sphere due Wed 9/20

Wednesday, September 20th (B)

  1. Finish Constellation lab activity (plotting and questions - RA & dec)


Friday, September 22nd (B)

  1. Finish Constellation lab activity (plotting and questions - RA & dec)
Tuesday, September 26th (B)
  1. Online homework (CONNECT): 1.2 Seasons due Thurs 9/28

  2. Finish virtual lab - Seasons simulation (if needed)

Thursday, September 28th (B)

1. Finish Moon phases lab questions
2. Online homework (CONNECT): 1.3 The Moon due Mon 10/2

Friday, October 13th (B)

1. Finish Astronomer research worksheet

Tuesday, October 17th (B)

1. Finish lab questions ("Activity 4.1")
2. Online Homework (CONNECT): 2.1 Classical Astronomy due Thurs 10/19 (B)

Thursday, October 19th (B)

1. Finish lab questions ("Activity 4.3")

Monday, October 23rd (B)

1. Finish "The Ellipse" lab questions

Wednesday, October 25th (B)

1. Online Homework: CONNECT HW 2.3 Astronomy in the Renaissance due Fri 10/27 (B)

Friday, October 27th (B)

1. Online Homework: CONNECT HW 2.4 Birth of Astrophysics due Tues 10/31 (B)

Tuesday, October 31st (B)

1. Study for Chapter 2 Test on Thurs 11/2 (B)

Thursday, November 2nd (B)

1. None

Monday, November 13th (B)

1. Planet presentation (group) due Friday 11/17

Wednesday, November 15th (B)

1. Planet presentation (group) due Friday 11/17

Friday, November 17th (B)

1. Online Homework CONNECT: Chp 8 Solar System due Tues 11/21 (B)

Tuesday, November 21st (B)

1. Finish Solar System Scale lab activity questions

Monday, November 27th (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 9: Terrestrial Planets AND Chp 10: Outer Planets due Wed 11/29 (B)

Wednesday, November 29th (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 11: Meteors due Tues 12/5 (B)

Friday, December 1st (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 11: Meteors due Tues 12/5 (B)

Tuesday, December 5th (B)

1. Study for Chapter 8-11 Test (Solar System) on Thursday 12/7

Thursday, December 7th (B)


Monday, December 11th (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 12: HW 12.1-12.3 due Wed 12/13 (B)

Wednesday, December 13th (B)

1. Finish Sunspot Activity lab questions

Friday, December 15th (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 12: 12.4-12.5 Solar Activity due Tues 12/19 (B)
2. Finish Solar Rotation Activity (if time permits)

Tuesday, December 19th (B)

1. Study for Chapter 12 Test on Thurs 12/21

Thursday, December 21st (B)


Tuesday, January 2nd (B)

1. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 14: 14.1-14.2 Star Formation due Thurs 1/4 (B)

======== NO CLASSES 1/4/18 & 1/5/18==============

Monday, January 8th (B)

1. Finish HR Diagram lab questions
2. Online HW CONNECT (website): Chp 13: HR Diagrams

Wednesday, January 10th (B)

1. Study for Chapter 13/14 Test: Stellar Properties & Evolution

Friday, January 12th (B)


Wednesday, January 17th (B)/ Friday, January 19th (B) / Tuesday, January 23rd (B) / Thursday, January 25th (B)



Monday, January 29th - Blocks 1B & 2B
Tuesday, January 30th - Blocks 1A & 2A
Wednesday, January 31st - Blocks 3B & 4B
Thursday, February 1st - Blocks 3A & 4A