Astronomy HW


Tuesday, February 6th (B)

1. Read Course Outline Handout.
2. Review Safety Rules and return signed Safety Sheet (homework).
3. Study for Safety Quiz next class (Review video).
4. Get a Notebook for class (3-ring binder recommended).

Thursday, February 8th (B)

1. Finish the Star Finder lab questions due Monday, February 12th (B) (homework)
2. Finish/complete Constellation Presentation due Monday, Feb 12th

Monday, February 12th (B)

1. Finish Constellation Presentation due Wed 2/14 (B)

Wednesday, February 14th (B)

1. Lecture Tutorial worksheet - "Position" due Fri 2/16 (B)

Friday, February 16th (B)

1. Online Assignment CONNECT - HW 1.1 Celestial Sphere due Tues 2/20 (B)

Wednesday, February 21st (B)

1. Finish Constellation Lab - plot Constellations & questions
2. Lecture Tutorial Worksheet "Motion" due Friday 2/23 (B)

Friday, February 23rd (B)

1. Finish "Sun Motions" lab simulation questions

Wednesday, February 28th (B)

1. Finish Seasons Simulation questions
2. Seasons Lecture tutorial worksheet

Friday, March 2nd (B)

1. Lunar Phases homework sheet

Tuesday, March 6th (B)

1. Season Ranking worksheet questions

Thursday, March 8th (B)

1. Lunar phases lecture tutorial worksheets
2. Finish lunar phases lab questions

Monday, March 12th (B)

1. Moon phases homework packet

Wednesday, March 14th (B)

1. Study for Chapter 1 Test on Friday 3/16th (B)

Friday, March 16th (B)


Tuesday, March 20th (B)

1. Finish Astronomer web quest (if more time is necessary)

Thursday, March 22nd (B)

1. Lecture tutorial worksheet - "The Parsec" due Mon 3/26 (B)

Monday, April 9th (B)

1. Finish Kepler's law "The Ellipse" lab questions

Wednesday, April 11th (B)

1. Lecture tutorial worksheet - Kepler's laws (handout)
2. Finish lab simulation questions - "Planetary Orbit Simulator"

Friday, April 13th (B)

1. Finish "Laws of Interactions" lab questions
2. Complete ranking task questions - "Gravitation"

Tuesday, April 17th (B) & Thursday, April 19th (B)