Keffner, Brendan

Welcome!! Feel free to cruise around the page, and find what you need. If the information you are looking for is not listed here, then please feel free to email me any time.

All A.P. Lit. students must sign up for Albert. Go to, enter the appropriate course code, and then make sure you have joined the correct period.

Course Codes:

All Students should join the correct Google Classroom as soon as possible!! Find your class block and password below:

1A: jh7c8r5
3A: go7vozl
4A: tvem9k
1B: vj41vjf

All College Prep students should sign up for the correct Newsela section as soon as possible. Simply sign into your Barnegat schools email account, then go to, click "Sign In", click the Google icon, and then use the appropriate code to join the class. Class codes:

2B: SUN2G6

Any student who wants to access the course syllabus electronically can do so by going to the "Useful Links" section of this website, and selecting the appropriate syllabus. These documents are also posted on Google Classroom.

My courses utilize Google Classroom for updates, reminders, and/or copies of class notes.  If you are the parent/guardian of a student in these courses and would like to receive regular emails via Google Classroom about our course updates, please feel free to contact me any time.  Thank you!