Intro. to Digital Publications

Introduction to Digital Publications & Web Design
Course Description: This course will go through the design steps required to create publications that will be presented and published within the school. Students will learn how to design, create and deliver publications and websites for the school. In-class work will be completed with using desktop publishing programs, HTML, and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. A strong emphasis is placed on self-motivation, written and oral communication skills and teamwork. 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

·     Demonstrate Knowledge of Hardware, Software, and Operating System Requirements

·     Describe desktop publishing.

·     Know where to use desktop publishing.

·     Understand what software is used for desktop publishing.

·     Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of learning/using desktop publishing.

·     Define and describe the terminology is used in desktop publishing.

·     Design and demonstrate the common features such as color, borders, use of shadows and shading, watermarks, import graphics/digital and scanner images, textboxes, fonts and styles, and printing options.

·     Create, design, develop and explain the purposes of Flyers, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, tri-fold brochures, greeting/invitation cards, envelopes and labels, postcards, banners, calendars, certificates and awards, programs, and menus.

·     Describe and analyze why we would market desktop publishing services within our school. Develop a way we could market our desktop publishing services.

·     Develop and deliver products.

·     Produce Multimedia Using Presentation Software

·     Design and Produce Web Pages

·     Explore Legal and Ethical Issues