Italian 1 CP
Title of Course: Italian I CP
Course Code: 09211                                            
Instructor: Jim Pandolfo                                              
Classroom: A 214
After School Help Days:
Tuesday through Friday by appointment as needed.
Course Description:
Emphasis is placed on the development and integration of universal world language skills ( listening, speaking, reading , and writing ). Structural analysis is reinforced via oral and written pattern practice. The development  of reading and writing skills is based on material first taught through audio-lingual methods. Illustrations and dialogues that facilitate conversation assist students. Culture is integrated via supplementary textbooks, cassette tapes, Italian city tours via Rick Steves tours,, cultural textbook reading, and reports.
Course Objectives:
Students will be able to communicate with one another through guided practice, explore Italian culture and heritage via tour guides of Italian cities, via internet and Ciao textbook.
Course Texts:
Ciao Textbook
Grading/Homework Policy:
Major:                      50% of the marking period grade
Minor:                      30% of the marking period grade  
Participation:         10% of the marking period grade
Homework:            10% of the marking period grade
How to Handle Absences:
Each day absent, a student will need to make up 2 days work. Student has 4 days to submit make up work. It is the student's responsibility to see the teacher and obtain missed work and/or handouts distributed. It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment with the teacher to make up a quiz or test in a timely manner according to the student handbook policy.
 Classroom Expectations: 
- Be a good listener at all times.
- Be on time and prepared for class.
- Be respectful
- Be optomistic
- Be without cell phones and IPods
- Be Happy and enjoy the school year!