Parrott, Louis

Hello My Name Is...
Mr. Parrott


Biography and Philosophy of Teaching


Although I arrived late into the field of education, teaching was always with me throughout my business career. I have taught computer and construction skills to adults and coached softball and baseball to children of various age groups.  These were some of the reasons why I returned to school after many years of working in the private sector. I graduated with honors from Richard Stockton College with degrees in history and education. I am married with children and enjoy playing guitar. I am glad to be teaching at Barnegat High School where I completed my student teaching under the capable tutelage of Mrs. Koovits. I have taught U.S. History II and the electives, Civics, Choices (a political science course), and Political Legal Education. I currently teach U.S. History I, New Jersey History, Geography, and 20th Century History Through Film. Also, I was the the assistant baseball coach at Brackman Middle School for five years.  I enjoy the camaraderie with my teaching colleagues and respect everyone’s hard work and dedication at the school. 

While I understand as a teacher of history, not every student will embrace the material that I present; my goal, therefore, is to develop each and every student into a productive contributor to society. Every student of the 21st century needs the tools of critical thinking and writing skills in order to succeed in this ever-changing world. I believe that I can accomplish this goal through a caring attitude, dedication, and hard work. In addition, because I have been a member of the business world I will try to instill in my students a work ethic necessary for the post-modern world. I want to be the teacher that students would like to be taught from again, tough but always caring and fair.
Some of the interesting activities my students have been involved in recently were: writing President Obama concerning the spread of nuclear weapons around the globe, contacting Congress to determine the states' voting record for the Missouri Compromise, and debating the issues during the presidential and gubernatorial races. I also had the pleasure to travel to the last presidential inauguration with the history club, mentored by Ms. Thomson.