20th History through Film
 Title of Course: 20th Century History Through Film
Course Code:  0853/3
Instructor: Mr. Parrott
Classroom: A-111
E-mail: lparrott@barnegatschools.com
After School Help Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Course Description: Global History of the 20th Century that focuses on key events in the century as portrayed on film.
Course Objectives: Students will obtain a world view of 20th century history by analyzing various films and primary sources that depict and enhance the era.   
Course Texts: Various textbooks will be utilized. Including, but not limited to, American Anthem, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, World History, Glencoe, and The Americans, Danzer, et. al. List of films are included in the syllabus. Some films are sensitive in their subject matter so a mature attitude is expected. 
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