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U.S. History I-   
Link for on-line textbook- my.hrw.com. See google for login instructions.
For Home work for all classes-go to Google classroom-codes-
Period 2A- oxt6jt
Period 3A- 41biys
Period 2B- pgbou38
Period 3B- 3v8v99s 

20th Century History- 1A- tymvr4


This course uses Google Classroom for many of its assignments.  If you are the parent/guardian of a student in this course and would like to receive regular emails via Google Classroom about your student's missing work, upcoming work, and/or other class activities, kindly contact the classroom teacher.  Thank you!     

As per department policy, there are to be no extra credit assignments given unless they have been approved by the department supervisor ahead of time. Under no circumstances should extra credit ever be offered for non-academic reasons (participation in an extracurricular event, toy drive, food drive etc).