New Jersey History
Welcome to the New Jersey History Web page, a half year elective at Barnegat High School. 

Name: Mr. Parrott
Email Address:
Course Name: New Jersey History
Course Number: 00854 
Textbook: New Jersey History, New Jersey: A Journey of Discovery, Raymond Frey.
  Course Description: NJ History from colonial times through the modern era. We will focus on increasing our cultural literacy, developing our capacity to reason, improving our ability to communicate and thus gaining a stronger sense of how NJ fits into the American nation. Course will include projects, quizzes, and tests in order to show competency in the subject matter. An open mind, some knowledge of U.S. History, and a willingness to work are all that are required for this course. 
 Course Objectives: To think critically about our past in order to become better citizens and productive members of the 21st century.
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