Honors Biology

Title of Course: Honors Biology
Instructor: Mrs. Yost
Classroom: B109
E-mail: hyost@barnegatschools.com

Grading Policy:
Grades will be determined using the following weighted grading system.

Class work/Quizzes/Labs (minor assessments): 30%
Homework: 10%
Class Participation: 5%
Tests/Projects (major assessments, at least 3 a MP): 55%

 Google Classroom:

This course uses Google Classroom for many of its assignments.  If you are the parent/guardian of a student in this course and would like to receive regular emails via Google Classroom about your student's missing work, upcoming work, and/or other class activities, kindly contact the classroom teacher.  Thank you!

Homework policy:
Homework is posted on my Google Classroom Stream

Homework is due the NEXT block period.

Five points will be deducted for each day a project, lab or in-class assignment is late.

How to Handle Absences:
If you are ABSENT from class it is your responsibility to:
1. Get the work you missed (notes, homework, etc.)
2. Hand in the work that was due the day you were absent
3. Schedule time to make up any tests or quizzes

Remember! On block scheduling...missing one day of school is really like missing 2 days of classes!! Try not to be absent -- you can quickly fall behind

Classroom Rules:
1. Follow all school rules (found in student hand book)
2. Arrive ON time! (that means before the bell)
3. Be prepared & ready to learn (notebook, pen/pencil, homework)
4. Respect the opportunity to learn -- be here when you are here -- put your phones away!!
5. Use appropriate language & conversations
6. Keep your hands to yourselves
7. Be positive : )